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What is Qigong?
Why Qigong?

The following are some of the few benefits of Qigong for:

FOR ATHLETES AND ACTIVE PRACTITIONERS – Qigong will balance out your days of intense workouts by strengthening the deeper muscles, helping to prevent injuries. It improves microcirculation, which in turn brings more oxygen into the the organs and aid in speedier recovery from your other activities.
FOR ELDERLY PRACTITIONERS – Through breath and movements that are concentrated around your center of gravity, your sense of balance is improved, helping to prevent falls and aiding in fluid movements. Muscle and bone loss are also slowed or even reversed, helping you keep your strength and mobility.
FOR INJURED OR DISABLED PRACTITIONERS – Qigong is a safe way to exercise because it is low-impact and can be practiced seated on a chair. The focus is on proper alignment and positioning of the limbs, so it is great for re-aligning the body and clearing the body of stress, helping to speed up the healing process.
Dec 2014 and Jan 2015 Qigong Practice – Wuji Practice (back to top)

Mondays (form) 10:00 – 11:00am $5
Members-only Tuesdays and Thursdays (form) 7:00 – 8:15am

Wuji can be defined as the primordial emptiness, the balance point where duality does not exist, where Yin and Yang energies meet. The aim of our Wuji practice is to improve balance, increase our external awareness, and deepen our experience of the state of emptiness. It is about finding the internal stillness through movement, and the movement of our qi in the still moments.

Our 60-minute form-only classes include: (back to top)

Brief joint warm-up and stretch
Balancing exercises
Qigong Wuji Form which includes
Emptiness and fullness of the legs
Stepping the foot with very little weight applied
Gliding gracefully from one step to another
Moving the arms slowly through the qi
Looking from behind and increasing spatial awareness
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The Science of Qigong (back to top)
Below is a list of published scientific studies regarding the health benefits of Qigong. We will update this list periodically so that you, the practitioner, will be more informed as you share your practice with the community.

1. Impact of Medical Qigong on quality of life, fatigue, mood and inflammation in cancer patients: a randomized controlled trial.

Study Result: This study indicates that MQ can improve cancer patients’ overall QOL and mood status and reduce specific side-effects of treatment. It may also produce physical benefits in the long term through reduced inflammation.

2. External Qi of Yan Xin Qigong differentially regulates the Akt and extracellular signal-regulated kinase pathways and is cytotoxic to cancer cells but not to normal cells.

Study Result: These findings suggest that external Qi of Yan Xin Qigong may differentially regulate these survival pathways in cancer versus normal cells and exert cytotoxic effects preferentially on cancer cells, and that it could potentially be a valuable approach for therapy of pancreatic carcinomas.

3. Use of qigong therapy in the detoxification of heroin addicts.

Study Result: Reduction of withdrawal symptoms in the qigong group occurred more rapidly than in the other groups. From day 1, the qigong group had significantly lower mean symptom scores than did the other groups (P <.01). Both the qigong and medication groups had much lower anxiety scores than did the control group (P<.01), and the qigong group had significantly lower anxiety scores than did the medication group (P<.01). All subjects had a positive response to the urine morphine test before treatment. Fifty percent of the qigong group had negative urine tests on day 3, compared to 23% in the control group and 8% in the medication group (P <.01). By day 5 of treatment, all subjects in the qigong group had negative urine tests, compared to day 9 for the medication group and day 11 for the control group.

4. Effects of Qigong on immune cells.

Study Result: The data indicates that a single Qigong intervention can increase the monocyte and lymphocyte numbers.

5. Effects of qigong on late-stage complex regional pain syndrome.

Study Result: Among the genuine qigong group, 82% reported less pain by the end of the first training session compared to 45% of control patients. By the last training session, 91% of qigong patients reported analgesia compared to 36% of control patients. Anxiety was reduced in both groups over time, but the reduction was significantly greater in the experimental group than in the control group.

6. Qigong exercise for the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease: a randomized, controlled pilot study.

Study Result: More patients improved in the Qigong group than in the control group at 3 and 6 months (P = 0.0080 at 3 months and P = 0.0503 at 6 months; Fisher’s exact test). At 12 months, there was a sustained difference between groups only when changes in UPDRS-III were related to baseline. Depression scores decreased in both groups, whereas the incidence of several nonmotor symptoms decreased in the treatment group only.

7. Long-term survival of a patient with widespread metastases from epithelial ovarian carcinoma receiving mind-body therapies: case report and review of the literature.

Study Description: Five-year survival of patients with stage IV epithelial ovarian carcinoma not treated after recurrence is almost non-existent in oncological literature. The authors report a patient almost 30 years after surgery of the primary epithelial ovarian carcinoma lesion and 15 years after recurrent disease and incomplete chemotherapy who is alive without evidence of disease. She received no conventional oncological therapy during the past 15 years but rather used many types of alternative medicine, predominantly mind body therapies. The authors review the relevant literature on this subject and describe what they believe to be the first report of long-term survival of such a patient.

Student Testimonials (back to top)


” Thank you so much for the wonderful experience on Saturday, I love it!.” Claudia, Student/Level I Instructor (San Diego, CA)

“Thank you… for the great class last sunday. I benefitted a lot from it. The only problem: we learned so much I can’t remember it all. Will we get together to go over all we learned again…?” Mari-Ann, Student, Qigong Alchemy(San Diego, CA)


“We had a wonderful Qigong workout Wednesday night. Thank you for your class.” Birgit, Student (San Diego, CA)

“Qigong was amazing. I can feel all the bad energy leaving my body through my feet.” Linda, Student (San Diego, CA)

“Amazing energy work tonight, thank you teacher.” Ayanna, Student/Massage Therapist (San Diego, CA)

What is Qigong? (back to top)

To answer this question, perhaps we need to answer a more fundamental question: what is Qi? Qi is the life force that moves through and around our bodies, essential to the smooth operation of our body functions and the balance of our emotions. Its most tangible form is our breath, but Qi is also abundant in our food, in the sun, and in the chemistry of our relationships. Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice that has given way to most martial arts; its literal translation means “the cultivation of life force” (a combination of “Qi” and “Gong,” which means to work, practice or cultivate). The movements are subtle and flowing and, for the most part, the feet stay in one place. It has been called a “moving meditation” by some. We life to see it as our divine dance with the graceful energy inside and around us.


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We carry a variety of tools designed to help you maintain your personal practice outside of class. We highly recommend using these tools as often as possible at home and attend a few classes during the month for corrections, additional information regarding the form, and because the group energy is stronger that it enhances your experience of Qi. Click on the product name for payment and shipping instructions.

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