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Pacific Beach Main Studio: 4330 Cass Street, San Diego CA 92109
Carlsbad Office (private sessions, Sundays only): 2910 Jefferson Street, Suite 201, Carlsbad CA 92008


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*Nuad Bo'Rarn (Thai Massage)
*Hara (Abdominal Massage)


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*Life Coaching
*Stress Relief Integration
*Post-chemotherapy support
*Private Qigong
*Private Breathwork

$65/hour, $90/hour and a half


$55/hour, $75/hour and a half

$55/hour, $75/hour and a half

SWEDISH/CIRCULATORY MASSAGE  Handed down from Europe , this style involves the use of oil and the removal of clothing (we discretely use draping, exposing only the part of your body being massaged). The strokes are light and flowing, increasing the function of the body's circulatory system.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE  This style focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It is especially helpful for those suffering from chronic pain and/or recovering from an injury, as it addresses stiff neck, low back pain, shoulder issues and other contracted areas. The movement is slower and the deeper layers of muscle are accessed through specific entry points.

TUINA (CHINESE MEDICAL MASSAGE) This Chinese style of massage allows you to keep all your clothes on while we address specific pressure points, through the use of acupuncture meridians, for specific physical problems. All major muscle groups are worked through ocillating techniques that rock your body back and forth, creating a deep sense of relaxation.

SPORTS MASSAGE  This massage is performed with all the clothes on, allowing the therapist to use stretching, traction, deep tissue and tui na techniques. It can be customized for either pre-event conditioning which helps the body feel lighter and limber or post-event recovery which helps the muscles and joints heal from the wear and tear of sports activities.

ONCOLOGY MASSAGE Dealing with a serious health issue such as cancer is very stressful for the body, which is detrimental to its recovery. This technique uses specific light touch that focuses on relaxing the body, warming the muscles and stimulating digestion in the abdominal region. This is especially useful for those going through western medical treatments, as it is designed to help alleviate a host of side effects.

PREGNANCY MASSAGE  When a mother carries her baby to term, her body goes through some structural changes that may cause pain and discomfort. This technique applies specific muscular manipulations that help to make the mom-to-be breathe easier while feeling more relaxed and balanced.


This style is also called Thai yoga massage, because the therapist uses his or her hands, knees, legs, and feet to move you into a series of yoga-like stretches. It is energizing and rigorous, using muscle compression, joint mobilization, and acupressure.

SHIATSU This Japanese modality utilizes the principles of acupuncture meridians. Qi (energy) in the channels is either tonified if it is deficient or dispersed if it is excessive. Perfect for those who prefer light pressure, who is feeling out of balance, or who is recovering from illness. The client remains clothed and work is performed on a special mat on the floor.

HARA (ABDOMINAL MASSAGE) Oftentimes performed with Shiatsu, this modality is used to diagnose and treat energetic imbalances within the body’s channels. Pressure is applied to the abdomen while incorporating breath and relaxation. This technique is also used to provide relief to those suffering from digestive issues

REIKI  This simple but profound healing modality was re-discovered in Japan . It involves the laying on of hands over different parts of the fully-clothed body with little to no pressure. Most people experience a profound sense of relaxation; it is great for re-charging your mental/emotional batteries when you're running low on patience, feeling overwhelmed or just wanting to feel more rested and peaceful.

LIFE COACHING  Identify the beliefs that may be causing physical/mental complaints and replace them with new, more life-affirming beliefs. This is often easier to do with a little outside help. We see our world through the lens of our own beliefs, so while they are not visible to us, others can see them more easily.

HYPNOSIS This deep healing modality works directly with the mind. In a state of deep relaxation, suggestions are introduced that bring about change from the core of a person. It is a very effective technique for those who have a specific habit (like smoking, addiction to drugs or bad relationships, overeating) or some consistent complaints in your life that you want to change.

STRESS RELIEF INTEGRATION We combine the breath methods of Pranayama with the grounding, meditative elements of Qigong to deepen your practice in a way that promotes deep relaxation and stress release. These practices will then be integrated into a daily practice that you can take into your daily life so the effects are longer lasting.

POST-CHEMOTHERAPY SUPPORT  It is well-documented that chemotherapy causes depression, decreased libido, and immune, blood and bone deficiencies, along with a host of other side effects that can last from a few months after treatments to the rest of the person's life. We are happy to provide our chemical-free services to cancer survivors: life coaching and energy healing for depression, tantric coaching to increase libido, and nutritional support to enhance the immune system, increase bone density and revitalize your blood.

PRIVATE QIGONG CLASS (for up to 5 people) The body has an internal electricity that powers all of its functions. Much like a string of lights with a bulb that is broken, organ functions become disrupted if this energy becomes blocked and therefore cannot achieve proper flow within the channels. The result includes fatigue, excessive emotions, loss of muscle and accelerated aging, to name a few. Qigong was developed in China over 5,000 years ago as a series of exercises for increased longevity. In our fast-paced, stressful world, it has become a valuable tool for achieving peace and relaxation while building bones and strengthening muscles. In a private session, time will be taken to make specific corrections for your particular body type and movement allowance.

PRIVATE BREATHWORK (for up to 2 people) This modality oxygenates your cells through deep, full and controlled breathing. With its origins in Pranayama and Qigong, the active movement of the chest brings openness to the lungs and the stillness of the closing meditation brings a sense of blissful peace. There is an acute feeling of buzzing vibration in the body. This practice is great for everyone, but especially for those with difficulty breathing, opening up and letting go. Contraindicated for pregnant women and those with epilepsy. This private session allows for maximum teacher support while in a more private setting.


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